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Ethafoam 400 1800 x 600 x 50 Sheet

Ethafoam 400 1800 x 600 x 50 Sheet

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Product Description


Ethafoam 400 Surface Protection Sheet

Designed to be used under outrigger pads, our Ethafoam surface sheets are ideal for reducing uneven surfaces and protecting block paving and cobble stones from damage. Made from low density foam, it cushions and protects against repeated impact and is incredibly lightweight and easy to transport.

A great alternative to sand, its much more economical in terms of set-up and removal and it won’t splinter or fragment. Engineered from non-absorbent material, its repels against water and is chemically resistant. It has a natural desire to return to its original shape making it highly cost-effective since it can be reused over and over again.

Ethafoam surface sheets provide excellent protection, cushioning and strength for heavy duty lifting applications.

Features include:

  • Made from Ethafoam 400 65kg/m³ Polyethylene Foam
  • Resistant to water, oil and chemicals
  • Incredibly lightweight material making it easy to move and handle
  • Cost effective alternative to sand

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Material Specification

Material Specification Standard Value Unit
Density  ASTM D-3575-08 57  Kg/m³
Water absorption ISO 2896: 1986 < 1 Vol %
Tensile Strength @ Peak (MD/CD) ISO 1798: 2008   303 296 kPa kPa
Tensile Elongation (MD/CD) ISO 1798: 2008   33 26 % %
Tear Strength (MD/CD) ASTM D-3575-08   26 17 N/cm N/cm
Compressive Stress Vertical 10 % (1th impression) Vertical 25 % (1th impression) Vertical 50 % (1th impression) (100 m/min compression speed) ASTM D-3575-08         100 120 190 kPa kPa kPa
Compressive Strength Vertical 25 % (4th impression) Vertical 50 % (4th impression) Vertical 70 % (4th impression) EN ISO 3386/1         35 110 310   kPa kPa kPa
Compression Set - 22 H/23°C/50% after 2h - 22 H/23°C/25% after 2h ASTM D-3575-08       < 20 < 10   % %
Compressive Creep 168 hrs 1000 hrs ASTM D-3575-08       < 5 < 10
Thermal Stability ASTM D-3575-08 >2 %

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