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Omme Lift 2750 Outrigger Shoe Pad

Omme Lift 2750 Outrigger Shoe Pad

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Dimensions (mm)720 x 400 x 90
Load Capacity (tonnes)14.50
Weight (kgs)18.00
Product CodeIP-57792

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Product Description


720 x 400 x 90mm Custom Outrigger Pad

Features include:

  • Designed for the Omme Lift 2750 tracked spider platform
  • Easily slides on and off the outrigger foot
  • 635mm x 240mm cavity to allow for retractable movement when positioning
  • Pad contains the foot at all times
  • Quick to set-up and can be left on semi-permanently
  • Made from high quality, heavy duty UHMW polyethylene
  • Offers protection against water, corrosion and splintering
  • Option to lock the foot inside the pad
  • Available to customise in other sizes

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Material Specification

Material SpecificationISO-LEN 500Test Method
Density of homogeneously moulded material0.951 g/cm³DIN 53479
Molecular weightca. 0.6/
Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength28 N/mm²DIN 53455
Breaking strength 23ºC38 N/mm²DIN 53455
Elongation @ break 23ºC >600DIN 53455
Torsional stiffness 23ºC350 N/mm²DIN 53477
Torsional stiffness -40C700 N/mm²DIN 53477
Ball indention hardness 30 sec. 46 N/mm²DIN 53456
Shore hardness D 64DIN 53505
Notched impact strength (15º angle) >30 o. Br. mj/mm²DIN 53453
 Abrasion 250-350% Slurry Test
 Melting point 133ºC polarising microscope
 Thermical coefficient of linear expansion 23-80ºC 1.7-2.5 x 10⁻⁴ / K ºC⁻¹ 1/K DIN 52328
 Thermal conductivity @ 23ºC 0.40 W/ºC x m DIN 52612
 Dimensional stability under heat 80ºC DIN 53461 / ISO/R 75
Electric Properties
Volume resistance >10¹⁷ W x cm DIN 53482
Surface resistance >10¹⁴ W DIN 53482
Dielectric strength 150 KV / cm DIN 53481
**The above specifications apply to all Premium Outrigger Pads**

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