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New Crane Mats Provide Added Flexibility for Cape plc

New mobile crane spreader plates are proving to be a flexible friend to an industrial support services specialist.

Cape plc has invested in two types of crane mat from Outriggerpads. They spread the load pressure of a crane’s stabilisers or outriggers, helping to prevent a stabiliser from puncturing the ground, which can cause serious instability.

The 1.5m square pads incorporate four metal bars to facilitate lifting hooks. Weighing 214kg each, they are considerably lighter than the equivalent sized steel pads, but have a greater load bearing capability of up to 200 tonnes.

Cape also invested in an interlocking Multi Mat system from Outriggerpads. The modular Multi Mat System provides a flexible solution for cranes. Operators are able to stack the mats in various configurations, depending on available space and load capacity requirements.

The interlocking system ensures that there are no gaps between the mats, improving set up speed while keeping the system sufficiently light weight to be set up by hand. With six configurations offering load capacities of 75 to 160 tonnes, the system is designed to support a wide range of mobile cranes.

Cape is using both sets of spreader plates for maintenance work at Syngenta’s award-winning Huddersfield Manufacturing Centre. Syngenta manufactures several of its important crop protection products at the facility, for export worldwide. Herbicides such as Gramoxone®, Fusilade® and Reglone® are all manufactured on site, as well as the insecticides Karate® and Force®.

Tony Brennan, Structural Steel and Mechanical Superintendent for Cape plc, said: “Having two different types of spreader plate helps to optimise our productivity while maintaining the highest possible safety standards.

“The 1.5m crane mats are very quick and easy to lift and position with a fork lift truck. However there are some areas where there is not enough room for a fork lift to manoeuvre. This is when we benefit from the flexibility of the interlocking Multi Mats, as they are easy to carry and position by hand, and we can set them up in different configurations.”

Both the crane mats and the Multi-Mat system are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Outriggerpads was the first company in the UK to offer 1.5m x 1.5m HDPE crane mats. This material is resistant to water, oil and chemicals – and unlike metal or wooden spreader plates, there’s no risk of corrosion or splintering.

Outriggerpads are the UK’s leading supplier of high performance polyethylene spreader plates, outrigger pads and mats, with vertical load bearing capacities from 5 to 350 tonnes. These products are widely used by operators of cranes, powered access platforms and other mobile plant such as concrete pumps, as well as exhibition trailers.

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