Outrigger Pads

Outriggerpads supply a range of lightweight and long-lasting spreader plates that offer stable support when operating cranes, aerial work platforms and mobile plant. Made from high quality, heavy duty UHMW polyethylene, our range of outriggerpads offer protection against water, corrosion and splintering – a huge advancement over the more traditional wooden and steel alternatives.

In keeping with the demands of modern technical and industrial applications, Outriggerpads tough and durable spreader plates can withstand extreme weight and adapt to the working surface, yet retain their shape due to the in-built memory technology…they’re virtually indestructible!

Why are outrigger pads needed?

They provide effective support to machinery and vehicles that use stabilisers or outrigger feet on terrain where load bearing/spreading capacity is an issue, such as softground or sensitive flooring. Without their use, outriggers can puncture the ground or damage paved surfaces, causing a serious accident if the equipment topples over, and considerable cost to recover.

How do they work?

Stable support is achieved by spreading the load from the stabiliser or outrigger foot over the large and tough surface of an outrigger pad. The overall pressure on the ground is reduced by applying the load over a wider area, and effectively supporting the machinery or vehicle. Our range of outrigger pads are lightweight, making them safe and easy to handle.

Outriggerpads offer a wide variety of products covering most applications, with vertical load bearing capacities from 5 to 350 tonnes, and prices to suit all budgets.

Eco Lift Pads

Designed for small to mid sized equipment, our eco lift range delivers tough and stable support. Limited sizes available

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Premium Pads

Constructed from high quality polyethylene, our premium pads come in a wide range of sizes and offer excellent support

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Recessed Pads

With a machined indentation, our recessed pads help centre and contain diagonally extending feet and reduce the risk of slippage

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Hi-Viz Pads

Designed to be used in public areas, our high visibility pads alert pedestrians passing close by to the potential trip hazard

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Hi-Pro Pads

The integrated non-marking rubber base makes our Hi-Pro pads ideal for use on high value floors providing complete protection

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Multi Mat

Designed to support the heaviest of loads, the Multi Mat system offers the perfect solution for large scale lifting

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Stowage Holsters

Our range of fully galvanized stowage holsters can be bolted to the vehicle, platform or crane for safe and secure stowage of pads

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Bespoke Sizes

Not 100% sure on the size you need? Our team can offer help and guidance. The more information you have, the better we can assist

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