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FM Gru Invests in Giant Crane Pads for Genoa Bridge Construction

A leading crane manufacturer is investing in bespoke giant crane pads to support the construction of a replacement bridge in Genoa.

Based in Italy’s northern industrial heartland, FM Gru is a highly regarded manufacturer of self-erecting, tower, and luffing cranes. The company is providing four cranes for the construction of a replacement for the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, which collapsed in August 2018.

A team from FM Gru visited Vertikal Days, the UK’s leading cranes and access trade show, to look for crane pads large enough to support its 2670 TLX and 2675 TLX flat top cranes. They met with Outriggerpads, which is a regular exhibitor at Vertikal Days, and the UK-based crane pad specialist agreed to manufacture bespoke pads for the Genoa Bridge job.

FM Gru meet Charles Grizzle at Vertikal Days 2019

Giacomo Fuochi, Managing Director for FM Gru, said: “We are proud to be involved in the construction of the new bridge at Genoa.

“This project requires very specific crane pads that are relatively lightweight, yet also robust and durable. We were impressed with the customer service from Outriggerpads, as they were able to manufacture and deliver our crane pads in a very short period of time.”

FM Gru recently took delivery of the 16 pads, which each measure 2,400mm x 2,400mm x100mm and weigh 560kg. They are manufactured from high-performance UHMW polyethylene, making them more robust than metal or wood equivalents. Each pad has four integrated handles for ease of lifting and handling.

Charles Grizzle, Business Development Manager for Outriggerpads, said: “Not many companies can provide the quick turnaround we achieved on these bespoke crane pads. It is a great feeling to know that our pads will play even a small role in the building of a new iconic bridge for Genoa.” Outriggerpads supplies a leading global range of spreader plates, outrigger pads and ground mats, which have vertical load bearing capacities from 5 to 350 tonnes. These products are widely used by operators of cranes, powered access platforms and other mobile plant such as concrete pumps, as well as exhibition trailers.

Polyethylene spreader plates and ground mats hold their shape under extreme vertical pressure and can adapt to the contours of the terrain. They are also a lighter weight than many equivalent pads made of metal or wood and are much less susceptible to water damage, corrosion and splintering.

FM Gru use bespoke crane pads to support their crane during the reconstruction of Genoa Bridge.

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