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Largest Volume Order placed by single Customer

Outriggerpads have secured the largest volume order they’ve ever had from an International logistics and construction company.

The London-based company contacted Outriggerpads in December 2018 to discuss the bespoke design of 700 scaffolding pads to be used for a large sporting event. After several months of design and testing, 1130 pads were eventually purchased making it Outriggerpads largest order of bespoke pads to a single customer.

The custom-designed pads are 400 x 400 x 25mm, with one side having a non-slip extrusion and the other a bespoke recess, perfect to locate a scaffold-type foot. The collaborative approach meant the customer got the exact pad they needed for their application, whilst ensuring the product did not have to compromise on quality or performance.

Each pad has the customer’s logo engraved, making them easy to identify and protecting their investment from theft or misuse.

In recent years, Outriggerpads have been involved in some great projects, delivering designed to order pads and providing a bespoke support solution on some high-profile jobs. Close relationships with our manufacturing facilities have allowed us to take a collective approach with every step of the process, ensuring we design to brief and deliver to expectations.

Feedback has been really positive, and each and every one of our customers are happy with the standard of service and quality of goods. Read about how we’ve helped our customers! 

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Bespoke Pad for Largest Volume Order

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