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New cribbing and jacking blocks aim to improve workshop safety.

A stability product specialist is launching a new range of cribbing and jacking blocks to help improve workshop safety.

The ECOCRIB range of heavy duty interlocking cribbing blocks is designed to support and stabilise heavy objects during a lifting or lowering operation. The blocks are ideal for garages and vehicle workshops, as well as manufacturing and engineering applications.

ECOCRIB is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), making it resistant to water damage, corrosion and splintering. It is the latest innovation from Outriggerpads, which has more than three decades of experience in providing load-bearing pads, spreader plates, and crane mats to the construction equipment, caravan, and events sectors.

Charles Grizzle, Business Development Manager for Outriggerpads, said: “Our products are typically used to stabilise construction equipment during its operation. However it became very clear to us that our customers also needed something equally as safe and durable for their workshops.
“Wooden cribs can snap and splinter without warning, causing catastrophic failure during service, maintenance and repair activities. ECOCRIB is a much safer alternative to wood, offering long-lasting performance, with minimal maintenance required. ”ECOCRIB has two configuration options of two blocks per layer or three blocks for heavier load-bearing capabilities. It is tested to withstand loads of up to 100 tonnes. The 600mm long and 150mm square lightweight blocks each have two integrated rope handles, making them easy to lift and stack. The 600mm square top pads come in three thicknesses, providing load-bearings of 20kg, 25kg and 30kg.

Outriggerpads is also launching its ECOSTAK range of jacking blocks. These 300mm square blocks all have a lightweight rope handle for easy and safe manual handling. There is a 30mm thick base block, complemented by 80mm and 140mm jacking blocks, enabling the user to quickly and easily configure a stack to the required height. Also included is a 250mm square, 10mm thick insert used to level off the stack once built. Two other sizes are due to be released next year.

Manufactured from high quality, heavy duty high molecular weight polyethylene (HMW-PE), they are also resistant to water, corrosion and splintering.

View the full range of jacking and cribbing blocks available to buy online.

ECOSTAK Jacking Blocks

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