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TVH Australia Launches Outriggerpads

Since the Launch of Outriggerpads, TVH Australia have been going from strength to strength with the product. 

TVH Australia placed a large stock order of Outriggerpads from the UK HQ in 2020, ready for the product launch in 2021. With a great mixture of pads, they have made brilliant headway into the market, as well as branching out into new sectors such as local governments and energy providers. They have also recently had their largest order to date of a mixture of products, from a local supplier. Along with other products, Outriggerpads were ordered to compliment the suppliers existing range of jack stands.

The team at TVH Australia have been incredibly enthusiastic about the product, and received great feedback from the customers, with specific interest in the Crane pads and Caravan pads, which has lead them to a successful first quarter with Outriggerpads sales.

Daniel Brownlie, General Manager of TVH Australia said, “Outrigger Pads has been an important new product for TVH Australia and overall I have been impressed with the market acceptance of this new product range in such a short time frame.”

“We have seen many existing customers express interest and purchase them from us who are really focusing more on customer and employee safety from a product that is reliable, safe to handle and is extremely strong and durable.  Having the correct stock on hand has been an important factor in the success of the launch and thanks to the guidance of the Outriggerpads UK team we have been pretty accurate on the range that has been required in our local market.”

The TVH Australia team attended the HIRE21 show in May, at which they promoted the product, with great success.

The UK Outriggerpads team said, “We’re really excited about the success of TVH Australia so far, with some great enquires and projects coming to them, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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