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Bespoke Pads for Aqua Fitness Company


Hydro Fitness Solutions provide a variety of aqua fitness equipment and run training sessions for fitness instructors right across the UK. Following the successful launch of their Aqua Bikes and Trampolines they wanted to expand their range. The new fitness apparatus they chose was an underwater exercise pole.  However, in order to install this in a swimming pool without damaging the pool floor, the new exercise pole needed a base on which to sit. Hydro Fitness Solutions came to Outriggerpads looking for a solution.


The design that was decided upon was a circular pad measuring 800x20mm, large enough in diameter to accommodate a person and the exercise pole and thin enough that it was light to carry yet stable to stand on. The pad needed to be blue in colour as this would be installed in a swimming pool and reflective of the Hydro Fitness Solutions brand colour. A hole was drilled into the centre to allow the exercise pole to be fitted whilst the design also included integrated carry handles to make transportation easier.


Hydro Fitness Solutions successfully used the pads to launch their “hydropole” classes. The aqua pole exercise programme is now a popular and diverse form of exercise across the UK with the use of the pads. They now sell the product on their website for keen hydropole goers.

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