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Affordable Alternative for Vehicle Weigh Scale Supplier


Weightru is a supplier of vehicle weighing scales, including weigh bridges, dynamic axel weighers and portable weigh pads. However it was the latter with which Weighru had a problem: certain weighing
applications require multiple contact points yet not all of these contact points need to be weighable.
This requirement had so far been fulfilled using actual weigh pads but this was proving costly.


Weightru sought the assistance of Outriggerpads to develop a bespoke product that would act as a ‘dummy’ non-weighing pad, to be used under wheels of the vehicle where actual weigh pads aren’t required. The design of this new ‘dummy’ pad would be modelled on the existing weigh pads, maintaining the same dimensions, bevelled top edges and overall look.


After placing an initial protype order, the design was adjusted further – with a rubber layer being added to the base of the pad to provide additional traction and the colour changed to match that of the actual weigh pads. Weightru took delivery of the final product in April 2020. In 2021 they will be working with Outriggerpads again to develop dummy weigh pads to match the other sizes in their portable weigh pad range.

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