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Bespoke Kobus Pipe Puller Pads


The Kobus Pipe Puller can minimise the potential risk of damaging utilities during service pipe replacement. Simply, pipe pulling for service pipe replacement is an innovative trenchless technology.  The technique removes old water or gas service pipe from the ground by pulling it with a hydraulic winch and a special steel pulling cable.  At the same time, a new PE pipe is towed into place along the same bore path created by the extracted old pipe.


The application is somewhat different to your normal outrigger type pads which would lie flat on the ground with the load sitting on the pads.  In this case, the pads are positioned vertically in an excavation, and the front plate of our machine (hydraulic winch) stands against the pads.  The winch pulls using the vertical wall of the excavation as resistance, so the forces (up to circa 10t) are horizontal against the vertical pads.


Outriggerpads in collaboration with Kobus designed and produced a 2-part pad system to accompany the unique pipe puller winch.




We needed some bespoke support pads for our Kobus Pipe Puller, and Outrigger Pads produced design drawings quickly and accurately to our requirements.  The final product is exactly what we needed and they work perfectly in the application, providing the necessary support for our equipment.  I would have no problem recommending Outrigger Pads for any bespoke pad application.
Simon Drain, Business Unit Director, Kobus Services Ltd

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