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Multi Mats Provide Flexible Solution On HS2 Rail Project


Costain & Skanska are leading engineering solutions providers. Combining to form a joint venture (CSJV), they were awarded the Enabling Works Contract – South for the HS2 high speed rail project. The project will cover the essential preparatory work needed to deliver the next phase of the HS2 programme.

With a strong focus on site safety, CSJV wanted to ensure a load spreading solution was available for the various types of crane which would be required for the works.


Outriggerpads provided CSJV with a 28-piece 1500mm original Multi Mat kit (part number IP-59761). Made from high performance Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE), the pads are resistant to water and chemicals, so won’t rot or rust like traditional wooden and steel alternatives.

As a modular system, it gives the user the flexibility to manoeuvre and configure the mats to reach the desired load bearing capacity, whilst still being easy to transport and move from site to site.


CSJV benefited from a flexible solution with three different configurations. This meant that CSJV could use the Multi Mats with a range of vehicles, including spider cranes, lorry loaders and a 130t mobile crane. The lightweight and portable nature of the Multi Mats enabled CSJV to quickly deploy them in the correct configuration for the crane, helping to improve safety and efficiency on site.

Plant loading designs, specifically for lifting equipment, are becoming safer and more formalised. Multi Mats give our sites a load-spreading solution which is highly portable, fast to install by hand and flexible, with four varying sizes of configuration. We have used the Multi Mat system for load spreading below a range of lifting equipment, from spider cranes and lorry loaders, up to 130t mobile cranes, which has contributed to a more efficient and safer standard of lifting equipment mobilisation.
Adam Hope, Lead Appointed Person, CSJV
Multi Mat System for Costain Skanska HS2 Project
Multi Mat System for Costain Skanska HS2 Project

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