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Multi Mats Ideal for Contract Lifting Specialist


Notus Contract Lifting provides an end-to-end lifting solution to its clients, including identifying and procuring the best lifting equipment for the job; as well planning and supervising all lifts. It is part of the global Notus Heavy Lifting group.

Site safety is a priority for Notus.  The company therefore wanted a crane mat solution that was flexible and lightweight, so that its Lift Supervisors could transport the pads in their vans to each job site – and easily manoeuvre them into place.

Because of the varied work which Notus Contract Lifting undertakes, it required pads which could be uses with a broad range of cranes, including mobile and spider cranes.


Outriggerpads provided Notus with its 1500mm original Multi Mat kits (part number IP-59761). Made from high performance Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE), the pads are resistant to water and chemicals, so won’t rot or rust like traditional wooden and steel alternatives.

As a modular system, it gives Notus the flexibility to manoeuvre and configure the mats for various load-bearing capabilities. The mats are light enough for manual handling and will fit comfortably in a van or light commercial vehicle.


The three different configurations provided by the Multi Mat system ensure that Notus Contract Lifting can use the crane pads with a range of mobile cranes. The portable and lightweight characteristics of the Multi-Mats allows Notus to transport them in its vans and to quickly and easily set up on site, helping to improve productivity as well as safety.

Having used most outrigger mat types and systems over the last 15 years, when we considered loading strength, durability, cost and flexibility of the system, Outriggerpads’ Multi Mat system was easily the best system for our business model. We can easily supply our customers with either 2.16m², 3.24m² or 4.32m² matted area under each outrigger, delivered in our Lift Supervisor vans and offloaded and laid using manual handling techniques with our lift team. Because of the flexibility of the system, we can purchase additional panels on next-day delivery should the matted area need to be increased and/or workload demands it.
Scott Mitchell, Director, Notus Contract Lifting
Multi Mat System Crane Pad, Notus Contract Lifting

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