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New Multi Mat Size for Edwards Lifting Services


Edwards Lifting Services, a highly experienced crane hire company in Lancashire, needed to achieve a 4m²+ outrigger pad set up for a contract lift. The mats needed to be man handle able, easy to install, as well as strong and stable. They also needed to fit into weight restrictions for transport reasons.


After deliberating between the 1.8m Multi Mats and the brand new 2m Multi Mat set up, it was decided that the 2m Multi Mats were a perfect fit for Edwards Lifting Services, not only did it achieve their need for a 4m² set up, but also as a modular system it is able to achieve a 2.8m² set up for smaller jobs.


Edwards Lifting services collected their brand new Multi Mat set up in March 2021, the mats went straight onto site in their first job, which was a large contract lift, and received nothing but positive feedback from both the crane operators and the customers.

We required some larger crane mats for when we are carrying out contract lifts when lower outrigger loadings are required.
With the larger cranes that we hire they generally arrive with their own steel mats, but smaller machines are a constant issue usually only carrying mats of much less than 1sq meter.
We had dealt with Outriggerpads before and were familiar with their products so when we saw this new system it immediately appealed to us.
It needed to be modular, for ease of laying on site and being 100% self sufficient. It was also required to be light enough to be carried on a 3.5 tonne pick-up & trailer combination which it is.
Finally good value was essential.
The Outriggerpads team made the whole buying process easy and they have great technical knowledge of the products they are selling.
The mats went on their first job yesterday and received good comments from the client and the land owner.
We look forward to using these many times in the years to come, on our own jobs and also on hire to any other interested parties.
Rob Edwards, Managing Director, Edwards Lifting Services

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