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Stability Challenge Solved for £1.2m Medical Trailer


Medical Technology Engineering Solutions Ltd (MTES) is a leading independent provider of mobile medical trailers and outside broadcast units.

Its mobile CT scanners are used by smaller hospitals or clinics which only have occasional need of this equipment. CT scans enable doctors to see inside a patient’s body, by using a combination of X-rays and computer imagery to create a detailed 3D picture of organs and bones. MTES houses this medical equipment in large trailers, which use jacking legs for stability.

MTES’s client wanted to enhance the stability of the trailer when its jack legs were deployed, in order to minimise the potential for small, natural vibrations which can impact the performance of highly sensitive scanners.


MTES contacted Outriggerpads, a leading specialist in spreader plates and stabiliser pads. The experts at Outriggerpads recommended its new range of ECOSTAK stackable jacking blocks. Each 300mm square block has a lightweight rope handle for easy and safe manual handling. There is a 30mm thick base block, complemented by 80mm and 140mm jacking blocks, enabling the user to quickly and easily configure a stack to the required height. Also included is a 250mm square, 10mm thick insert used to level off the stack once built.


MTES benefits from a cost-effective, flexible and easily transportable stability solution. Manufactured from high quality, heavy duty high molecular weight polyethylene (HMW-PE), the ECOSTAK jacking blocks are also resistant to water, corrosion and splintering, providing a long working life and a strong return on investment.

The ECOSTAK blocks provide a highly robust platform which helps to prevent the small amount of natural vibration which occurs when the trailer stabiliser legs are fully extended. The blocks are also not too heavy, which is important for health and safety when it comes to manual handling – and the drivers say they are very user-friendly.
David Moore, Managing Director of Medical Technology Engineering Solutions Ltd

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