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Stackable Jacking Blocks to Support a 95.5t Machine


Walters Group is a plant, civil engineering and development company with much of its work taking place on construction sites and in quarry’s. Whilst working on site they sometimes need to carry out maintenance on their plant machinery. Walters required a product on which they could safely jack up the machinery to a sufficient height yet also capable of high loads.


Walters decided on the ECOSTAK stackable jacking block system. They chose the ECOSTAK Mix Kit 5 which at 950mm high is the tallest ECOSTAK kit Outriggerpads offer, and can take loads up to 140 tonnes. The kit offered Walters full flexibility – being able to adjust the height of the stack and also included the newly launched 500x500x40mm base pad to aid stability.


In February 2021 Walters took delivery of their new ECOSTAK kit at Whatley Quarry, a Hanson Aggregates site, with the kit already put to use under a CAT 992 large wheel loader.

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