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New Spreader Plate from Outriggerpads Protects Floors and People

Outriggerpads have launched a new product that combines two of our recent innovations.

The Hi-Viz Hi-Pro spreader plate is brightly coloured in order to alert passers-by and workers to the potential trip hazard of outriggers and their pads. It also has a non-marking rubber base, making it ideal for use in shopping centres, public buildings and other structures with expensive or sensitive flooring such as marble and oak.

The new product is an amalgam of the Hi-Viz and Hi-Pro ranges that Outriggerpads launched in 2013.

Bill Green of Outriggerpads, said: “Our new Hi-Viz Hi-Pro spreader plate combines the best features of the two innovations we brought to the UK last year

“It is lightweight, flexible and long-lasting, while also being easily visible to anyone passing or working nearby when it is deployed. And the non-marking base means it is perfect for interior use, particularly in public and commercial buildings.”

The integrated non-marking rubber base makes the new Hi-Viz Hi Pro spreader plates ideal for use on high value floors in hotels, shopping centres, stately homes and similar venues. These places often bring in spider lifts for facilities maintenance work at height – and such tracked booms all use outriggers for stability.

Weighing less than 6kg, the 400x400x40mm Hi-Viz Hi-Pro pads are easy to handle and deploy with a 12 tonne load-bearing capacity. Manufactured from UHMW polyethylene, the material does not splinter and has a very high resistance to vertical pressure, cleverly adapting to the contours of uneven terrain and still retaining their shape. Coupled with the fact that it is waterproof, this significantly extends the products’ working lives compared to pads made of wood or metal.

Outriggerpads offers a wide range of UHMWPE products with vertical load bearing capacities from 5 to 350 tonnes. They are suitable for cranes, powered access and other mobile plant such as concrete pumps.

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