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IPAF’s ‘Spread the Load’ Campaign

The Spread The load! campaign by IPAF is aimed at ensuring that when using stabilisers, outriggers pads and spreader plates, the proper assessment of ground conditions has been done to ensure they are being used correctly.

It proposes that:

When boom-type mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are being used and they are fully supported on their outriggers it is essential that spreader plates are always used. All other MEWPs that have outriggers should also use spreader plates unless an indication has been made by the risk assessment carried out that they are not necessary.

A platform overturning can be caused by the incorrect setup of stabilisers and outriggers as this causes the machine to become unstable, the most common reasons for this happening are usually the result of poor selection of spreader plates, incorrect positioning of the outriggers on the spreader plates or as previously mentioned a poor assessment of the ground conditions being worked on.

If you require further advice and support on how to use outrigger pads correctly as well as ensuring the assessment of ground conditions are completed to a satisfactory standard in line with IPAF’s ‘Spread the Load’ campaign then download some of the best practise material below.

‘Spread the Load’ poster – Correct use of Outrigger Pads

Correct use of Outrigger Pads using Spider and Tracked Boom Lifts

Spreader Plate Calculator – guidance tool to help work out the size of the Outrigger Pad you need.

Spread the Load video

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