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Daikyo Kenki Visit Outriggerpads Office

Japanese crane company flew all the way to the UK head office for a product demonstration.

Based in Tokyo, Daikyo Kenki are a crane hire company with a rental fleet of over 70 assorted cranes including rough terrain, all terrain and crawler, with a long-standing history of providing high quality machinery. The company also supports the Japanese emergency services by providing hi-tech shelter when disasters occur, cementing them as pillars of the community.

The company’s interest in Outriggerpads was first peaked when they were researching high quality crane mats online and encountered the brand website. As well as the vast array of high capacity pads on offer, CEO and president Ryuichi Uchida showed particular interest in the Multi Mat System.

In attendance with Mr Uchida on the visit, was sales department manager Masashi Harada, who witnessed a demonstration including the set-up, testing and dismantling of the pad system, as well as a tour of the Outriggerpads HQ.

Designed to support high capacity lifting and manufactured from high performance UHMW Polyethylene, the multi mat system is easily transportable, offers flexibility to use in various configurations, and can withstand up to 160 tonnes of vertical pressure.

Charles Grizzle, Business Development Manager, said: “We are humbled that Daikyo Kenki took the time to come and visit the team. They were incredibly impressed by the multi mat system, and we look forward to expanding our business relationship with them”.

Mr Uchida and Mr Harada demonstrating the Outriggerpads Multi Mat System

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