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SMART STORE offers productivity benefits to spreader plate users

Outriggerpads is launching a new product for storing, transporting and handling spreader plates.

Designed for use with Outriggerpads’ popular Multi Mat modular system, SMART STORE helps crane and plant operators to work safer and smarter on site. It keeps all the Multi Mats in one place, and helps protect operators from unnecessary lifting.

The integral fork-lift channels keep manual handling to a minimum and ensure that transport around the site is quick and easy. The galvanised welded steel fabrication ensures it can withstand the pressures of construction or demolition sites. The pads easily slide in and out of the SMART STORE, helping to prevent operator injuries and strains.

Spreader plates are used to spread the pressure of a machine’s stabilisers or outriggers on any terrain where load bearing capacity is an issue. The Multi Mat system is a flexible spreader plate solution for heavy plant and crane lifting. Operators are able to stack the mats in various configurations depending on available space and load capacity requirements. Each SMART STORE can hold up to 26 Multi Mats.

Charles Grizzle, Business Development Co-ordinator at Outriggerpads, said: “We developed SMART STORE in response to customer demand. Mobile crane operators wanted a storage solution that was easily transportable, durable, and helped cut out manual handling.

“In SMART STORE they have a cost-effective product that will deliver an excellent return on investment by increasing safety and productivity on site.”

Outriggerpads is the UK’s leading supplier of high performance polyethylene spreader plates, outrigger pads and mats, with vertical load bearing capacities from 5 to 350 tonnes. SMART STORE is available in two sizes, with next day delivery on orders received before 4pm.

Easy Transportation Of The Smart Store

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