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1500 x 565 x 50 Interlocking Multi Mat

1500 x 565 x 50 Interlocking Multi Mat

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Dimensions (mm)1500 x 565 x 50
Weight (kgs)41.00
Product CodeIP-58868

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Product Description


Interlocking Multi Mat Outrigger Pad

Our modular Interlocking Multi Mat System offers excellent durability and rigidity, reducing the overall pressure being directed at the ground and effectively supporting heavy plant and cranes. It's manufactured to our premium pad specification - high quality UHMW polyethylene - and consists of sectional outrigger pads that interlock to form a larger surface area. The system can be laid by hand, and easily manoeuvred from site to site.

These pads can be used for a variety of applications either individually or as a complete system.

  • Stage 1 - Three mats are interlocked side by side
  • Stage 2 - Two mats are interlocked on top at 90 degrees
  • Stage 3 - A single outrigger pad is placed centrally on the top, securing the Multi Mat System

Our recommended 1500 x 565 x 50 multi mat system covers a 3m² support area and will take a load capacity of 110 tonnes. For a 3m² support area, you'll require a total of 7 pads. All pads are sold separately.

Download our Interlocking Multi Mat System & Configuration guide.

To make an enquiry about our pads or to get a quotation call us on 01952 671403 or contact us via email.

Material Specification

Material SpecificationISO-LEN 500Test Method
Density of homogeneously moulded material0.951 g/cm³DIN 53479
Molecular weightca. 0.6/
Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength28 N/mm²DIN 53455
Breaking strength+23ºC38 N/mm²DIN 53455
Elongation @ break +23ºC >600DIN 53455
Torsional stiffness +23ºC350 N/mm²DIN 53477
Torsional stiffness -40C700 N/mm²DIN 53477
Ball indention hardness 30 sec. 46 N/mm²DIN 53456
Shore hardness D 64DIN 53505
Notched impact strength (15º angle) >30 o. Br. mj/mm²DIN 53453
 Abrasion 250-350% Slurry Test
 Melting point 133ºC polarising microscope
 Thermical coefficient of linear expansion 23-80ºC 1.7-2.5 x 10⁻⁴ / K ºC⁻¹ 1/K DIN 52328
 Thermal conductivity @ 23ºC 0.40 W/ºC x m DIN 52612
 Dimensional stability under heat 80ºC DIN 53461 / ISO/R 75
Electric Properties
Volume resistance >10¹⁷ W x cm DIN 53482
Surface resistance >10¹⁴ W DIN 53482
Dielectric strength 150 KV / cm DIN 53481
**The above specifications apply to all Premium Outrigger Pads**

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