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400 x 400 x 100 Stackable Jacking Block

400 x 400 x 100 Stackable Jacking Block

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Dimensions (mm)400 x 400 x 100
Recess Size (mm)350 x 350 x 10
Load Capacity (tonnes)27.00
Weight (kgs)18.00
Product CodeIP-72093

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Product Description


400 x 400 x 100 Stackable Jacking Block

Use the Stackable Jacking Block as part of an innovative interlocking system designed to safely support and level your equipment and machinery on uneven ground. This Stackable Jacking Block is dual purpose - it can be used to form part of our 400mm Stackable Jacking Block System but can also be combined with our Incline Pad System. The Incline System works together to achieve two different angles providing up to 10° lift and uses the Jacking Block to provide additional height where the equipment falls short of reaching the pads. It offers long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance, and is a much safer alternative to using wood.

Features include:

  • 400 x 400 x 100 mm stackable jacking block with recess
  • 350 x 350 x 10 recess
  • Combine with 400 x 400 x 50mm Stackable Jacking Base Block, IP-72094 to start building you 400mm Stackable Jacking Block System
  • Lightweight with integrated rope hands for ease of lifting and stacking
  • Made from high quality, High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMW-PE)
  • Offers protection from water, corrosion and splintering

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Material Specification

Property Value Test Method
Density 0.93-0.955g/cm³ ASTM D1505
Melting point 133-135°C ASTM D3418
Tensile strength at yield 23-26MPa IOS 527:2012
Tensile strength at break 14-16MPa ISO 527:2012
Elongation at break 80-100% ISO 527:2012
Elasticity modulus 1100-1210MPA ISO 527:2012
Charpy impact strength - notched 33-37KJ/m² ISO 179-1:2011
Hardness 67-69 SHORE D ISO 868:2003
Wear resistance sand-slurry-test  372%  ISO 15527
Average coeff. of linear thermal expansion  2x10-4m/(m/K)  -
Service temperature  -100 to 80°C  -
**The above specifications apply to all Eco Lift,  Hi-Viz and Motorhome & Caravan pads**


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